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About Positively Pregnant

As women and mothers we cannot predict the kind of labour we are going to have, but we can set intentions and be informed and comfortable about any choices we may have to make.


This is why I have carefully created a birth preparation course, which as well as all of those amazing practical self hypnosis and relaxation tools we learn, is also a comprehensive and easy to understand antenatal course which focusses on the physiology and psychology of birth, your birth rights and making decisions and the role of the birth partner. 

In our personally tailored and evidence based workshops we focus on how you want to FEEL during your pregnancy, babies birth, and during the post partum period. I want you to leave your workshop feeling calm, informed and confident. I teach you a selection of specially formulated tools and techniques to allow yourself the space and opportunity to have a positive birth experience.

One of the things which I love so much about teaching the course is the coming together of the birthing woman and her birth partner; many fathers especially come along a little dubious to start with, and as the day progresses I can see them feel more and more in tune with their partner and confident about what is to come and the important role they will play. This, teamed with understanding that you have choices, and how to make those choices, lets couples leave the day feeling truly calm and empowered. 


The all day Positively Pregnant Hypnobirthing workshops are for all pregnant couples across Northumberland. You don't need to be planning a particular 'type' of birth, you don't need to be a particular type of person, and you don't need to have done anything like this before.  Positively pregnant Northumberland is for ALL types of birth - Cesarean Section, Home birth, hospital birth with an induction and everything in between. 



The best time to attend a workshop is between 16 - 35 weeks - so a big window! If you're feeling nervous, overwhelmed or anxious - the sooner you come to your workshop, the better, as you'll be able to begin to relax into your pregnancy, make informed decisions, make your birth plan and practice your techniques. 


I offer group sessions, with no more than 3 couples per course, which are held each month in the comfortable and private therapy room which I have on our family farm just outside Chatton (1 hour North of Newcastle, 20 minutes North of Alnwick/ 20 minutes South of Berwick) .


I also offer private sessions across Northumberland and the North East, should my therapy room be a little too far for you.    

Group courses are priced at £140 per couple, with a £50 deposit which will secure 2 places. If you have an additional birth partner you would like to bring, this can certainly be arranged.


Private sessions for just yourself and your birth partner can be arranged according to suit your availability and held at your home. I am flexible with dates for these private sessions, so if this would be best for yourself and your partner do let me know. Private courses are priced at £180 per couple, with a deposit of £50. 

To book a workshop, please click on the link at the bottom of this page, or contact me directly.