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"Having had a traumatic birth with our first, I found the Hypnobirthing refresher course invaluable. Jessica helped us so much, thinking of things I would never have known or considered. This time around I honestly had such a lovely experience & will always be grateful to her for this"
Jo - 2nd time Mum

Hypnobirthing Refresher course

Already done Hypnobirthing classes or an Antenatal course with your previous pregnancy, or feeling short on time ahead of your baby's birth? 

No problem! I offer tailor made options for Hypnobirthing, or Birth Preparation - depending on what you feel you would like more help or practice with. 


My refresher courses are held either from my country Farmhouse venue in Northumberland, or we can work together from the comfort of your home online over video call. 


You have the option to choose from the following areas of teaching. You may feel you have covered some of these areas in previous preparation, or some may sound new to you, or that you would like refreshing on particular areas: 

  • Birth Hormones & how they effect labour

  • Hypnobirthing Techniques  - I teach 5 original and uniquely simple techniques - including Mindfulness, Yoga Breath inspired, Anchoring and numbing as well as breathing for contractions & 'pushing'. 

  • The physiology of Birth - Stages of labour with OOMPH! Learn whats REALLY going on in there during birth!

  • Pain & Fear

  • Your Birth Room (and getting there!)

  • Birth Partner

  • Physical Anchors - this section is all about 'anchoring' a particular feeling (like being relaxed!) to 'things' - so smells, music & touch. 

  • Creating and super-charging your Hypnobirthing routine 

  • Focussing on how you want to FEEL & how you can get there. 

  • Birth Options & decisions

  • Creating your Birth Plan,, including  a positive 'Plan B' & 'C'- we'll talk through common interventions, the research behind them & how to ensure you feel in control no matter what. 

  • Finding evidence, research & reliable information

  • Birth Rights & feeling confident in  asserting your needs  to medical professionals

Refresher courses tend to consist of between 3 and 4 hours of contact time with Jessica, depending on what you would like to cover. 


Pricing is £38.00 per hour on a private basis (including class material handouts, MP3s & after support). 

Alternatively my FULL course on either a private basis or as part of a small group may be a great option for you (Priced at £267 - £687 per couple)

Do get in touch to discuss your individual needs & arrange your free discovery call. 

Meet your hypnobirthing teacher... 

Hi! I'm Jessica Ord, award winning birth educator, pregnancy mindset author & hypnobirthing specialist. 

I pride myself in providing the very best in depth, evidence based but heart centred bespoke classes. Each course is perfectly tailored to the needs, worries and interests of the parents joining.

Over the past 5 years I have won several major awards, including 'Best Antenatal course - England', 'Hypnobirthing Specialist of the Year' and 'Best in pregnancy support services'. 

As well as having trained with some of the world's leading midwives, hypnotherapists, researchers & doulas, I have also had two incredibly positive and empowering natural births of my own (one a 'high risk' hospital birth & one a home birth).


I know what you really need to know, understand and have access to in order to have a beautiful experience of birth, no matter what your circumstances or wishes are. 

I know how important it is that you not only have access to evidence based, trustworthy information about birth, but also that you feel seen and understood as an individual, not just 'another' pregnant woman on the conveyor belt of antenatal care. ​

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Not ready to embark on an in person course?

Feeling as though an in person class may be a little out of your price range?

Don't worry - my award winning Video Course is a fantastic alternative & was voted the 'Best Online Antenatal Course in England' last year.
The full course, including 10 pre recorded, expert led classes for £63

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