Hypnobirthing Refresher course

Fully booked until November 2021

Already done Hypnobirthing or an Antenatal course with your previous pregnancy? 

No problem! I offer tailor made options for Hypnobirthing, or Birth Preparation - depending on what you feel you would like more help or practice with. 


All couples attending a refresher course (whether Online or In Person) will receive my MP3 Bundle with all of my Hypnobirthing tracks. 


You then have the option to choose from the following areas of teaching. You may feel you have covered some of these areas in previous preparation, or some may sound new to you, or that you would like refreshing on particular areas: 

  • Birth Hormones & how they effect labour

  • Hypnobirthing Techniques  - I teach 5 original and uniquely simple techniques - including Mindfulness, Yoga Breath inspired, Anchoring and numbing.

  • The physiology of Birth - Stages of labour with OOMPH! Learn whats REALLY going on in there during birth! 

  • Pain & Fear

  • Your Birth Room (and getting there!)

  • Birth Partner

  • Physical Anchors - this section is all about 'anchoring' a particular feeling (like being relaxed!) to 'things' - so smells, music & touch. 

  • Creating and super-charging your Hypnobirthing routine 

  • Focussing on how you want to FEEL & how you can get there. 

  • Birth Options & decisions

  • Creating your Birth Plan

  • Creating a positive 'Plan B' - we'll talk through common interventions, the research behind them & how to ensure you feel in control no matter what. 

  • Finding evidence, research & reliable information

  • Birth Rights

  • Assertiveness 

  • Language

Many couples who are having a subsequent pregnancy go on to do a full  Hypnobirthing workshop with me, as they feel that actually they haven't covered a lot of the above in their previous Hypnobirthing/ Antenatal course. 

If you would prefer to do this, please take a look at my Full Course information on the below button. 


Refresher courses tend to consist of between 3 and 4 hours of contact time with Jessica, depending on what you would like to cover. 


Pricing is £35 per hour (including class material handouts, MP3s & after support) 

"Having had a traumatic birth with our first, I found this invaluable. Jessica helped us so much, thinking of things I would never have known or considered. This time around I honestly had such a lovely experience & will always be grateful to her for this"