The video Course - What's included? 

Wondering what it's all about? What will you *actually* learn? 

The video course is made up of 10 pre recorded classes with renowned Hypnobirthing practitioner & Evidence Based Birth professional Jessica Ord. The video classes are interwoven between written chapters, all placed in order, for you to work your way through in your own time. 

It's the perfect combination of an antenatal hypnobirthing class & an informative, fun (and light reading) book!

Here's some of the content covered in your completely original, award winning course: 

  • Your Birth Hormones 

  • The link between pain & fear (and how to get rid of the pain bit..!) 

  • Hypnobirthing breathing, visualisation and anchoring & mindfulness techniques 

  • How do you want to FEEL in the lead up to, during & after your baby's birth? 

  • How to start feeling the way you want to - let's put a plan in place 

  • Creating a birth plan (including a printable check list and birth plan template)

  • Your birth parter, their role & top tips

  • Your birth room - how to make any room feel cosy, relaxing & conducive for birth. 

  • Birth place Choices - what are the options & the statistics behind them?

  • Birth Rights - what can you decline? What are you allowed to do in terms of water, home birth, induction?

  • Language - how it can impact how we feel and the decisions we make

  • Feeling Assertive & confident in making decisions & communicating with our care providers

  • The physical side of the story - the different stages of labour, what's happening during a contraction, birth positions, dilation, noises, poop and more! 

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