Positive Cesarean Birth 

Parents choosing a Cesarean Birth, for whatever reason, find my empowering and original Positive Cesarean Workshop incredibly powerful in helping them to find ways in which they can ensure their baby's emergence into the world is a beautiful birth experience.

In a Positive Cesarean Workshop we meet in my cosy Relaxation room, or over Zoom - just yourself and your birth partner, and we talk through how you'd like both to feel in the following weeks in the lead up to your babies birth, during your babies birth, and in your first few weeks afterwards. 

My approach towards the emotional aspects of giving birth via Cesarean Section is much the same as any other birth - we all want to feel calm, in control, loving and proud when it comes to the way we birth our babies. 

Personalising elements of the birth and thinking about how to create a birth plan which reflects all of this is key. As well as looking at these practical elements we explore how your birth partner can best support you, and we learn some highly effective, relaxation and hypnobirthing techniques for you to use throughout your pregnancy and during your babies birth journey. 


All birth can be Positive, gentle and loving - including your birth experience. 


Whats included?

  • You'll learn a selection of special Hypnobirthing techniques, specially developed for a positive Cesarean Birth to help you feel calm, grounded and connected to your baby throughout their birth. 

  • A minimum of 3 hours contact time with Jessica, either in person or over Zoom (Split into 2 sections over the course of one day!) 

  • Follow up support over email and Whatsapp for any questions you may have following your course. 

  • We'll look at Birth Plan options for your Cesarean Birth, and help you to figure out what's right for you. 

  • We'll look at what happens 'on the day' for a planned Cesarean, and what you could be doing at each stage of your journey. 

  • A Digital Bundle of Hypnobirthing MP3s specially designed for your planned Cesarean. 

  • A set of digital affirmations for you to print out or save to your phone. Designed especially for Cesarean birth, to help instil feelings of calmness, confidence and trust. 

  • A physical pack of learning materials, as well as some gorgeous products to aid your relaxation practice before and after birth. 

  • A 'Positively Postnatal' digital bundle, with exercises (for your mind!), techniques and relaxation tracks for you to continue your Hypnobirthing practice once baby is born.

  • We'll look at the ways your birth partner can feel involved and connected throughout your pregnancy and birth journey - practical and emotional ways in which they can support you through birth. 



Investment of £65 for yourself and your birth partner, on a private basis 

Dates are not set for Positive Cesarean Workshops, please enquire directly with Jessica to arrange your ideal workshop date.