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First time Mum’s positive hospital birth…

This is the story of amazing Mum Hannah, and her beautifully supportive partner Andy.

Hannah and Andy came along to a Positively Pregnant group hypnobirthing course at The Farmhouse in Northumberland.

Watching the transformation they had during their course was such an honour.

So often as first time mums we're told to just 'go with the flow' or to 'trust the experts and hope for the best'. Hannah shows here that just because you haven't given birth before, doesn't mean you don't know your own body, nor what's right for YOU.

Hannah had the most beautiful land birth in their local hospital. Welcome to the world Freddy!

In Hannah's own words:

"Jess - thank you for everything, for changing my outlook on birth and for making me realise giving birth does not have to scary.  Your PP course is honestly incredible. 

Freddy was born on May 13th, just a day before my due date, unmedicated, no pain relief with 0 intervention at 5.32am. 

I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d even make it to hospital  without pain relief before doing your hypnobirthing course.. 

I really wanted to try my best to not be induced, so In the week leading up to my due date, I did my best to make sure my oxytocin levels were high by treating my self to pregnancy massage and Reflexogy (again something I’d never of done) If it hadn’t of been for the Positively Pregnant course.  

Going back to the weeks beofre my due date, I was asked several times if I wanted a sweep, or if i was ready to book my induction (my due date was weeks away) I stood my ground and said no. I’m so pleased I did this now, because my body and baby knew what to do without any intervention. I honestly believe if I had of said yes to an induction, my birth story would have been so different.

Constractions started at home on Friday 12th in the morning, on and off all day.. I managed to get to 6cm at home, using a tens machine thank you for the suggestion) as we got to the evening, I couldn’t sleep, so I set our bedroom up with a projector light and ball, and spent time using the breathing techniques, eventually my waters broke at home.

When calling the hospital, I made it clear I wanted a birthing pool as this would by my main method of pain relief (giving them plenty of notice as you suggested)

We headed to hospital at 2am on May 13th. By this point my contractions were minutes apart.  

I was quickly checked over in the pre assessment ward and I was 6cm and told I wasn’t going home.  Off the birthing suite we go!

They had set up the birthing room with lights, battery candles, projector light (high five to Cramlington birthing unit for this) it was the perfect calm environment that I needed. I had written all of this in my birth plan which helped massively. 

My midwife was amazing, she respected my birth plan requests completely. Although she stayed in the room with us, it really felt like it was just me and my partner in there. I remained either in the pool or on my feet during the whole thing, and was not made to lie flat on my back for monitoring.

She monitored baby’s heartbeat with a handheld device (a dopler). As my contractions got stronger and more painful, I carried on with the breathing techniques learnt on our hypnobirthing course, leaning over the side of the bed & my amazing partner, Andy, was there following me around with a fan and cold flannels.

I’m so pleased Andy did the PP course with me, he was so calm and made everything so much better (constantly reminding me about the breathing techniques) he knew exactly what he needed to do. 

As I felt like I needed to push more, I remained over the side of the bed almost squatting down with my arms on the bed.

3 pushes and he was out.

The midwife passed him between my legs and and I can still remember the feeling of the umbilical cord brushing up my tummy as I grabbed him up and in my arms for the first time.

I only had a tiny labia tear, thank you gravity! This was One of my biggest fears about birth, so being on my feet and letting gravity do its thing eased my stress around this. 

We lay on the bed for almost an hour with the cord still attached, watching him as he suckled away. this is something I would have been to scared to say I wanted before doing the Positively Pregnant course. 

I fully believe being unmedicated not only meant a quicker birth, but a brilliant recovery too. 

My biggest advice to anyone pregnant, who is a nervous/anxious person like me is to do a hypnobirthing course.

It’s honestly life changing. Write the birth plan, stand your ground, know your birth rights, and make sure your birthing partner does the course with you.  Women are incredible human beings who know their own bodies ❤️ "

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