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Positive hospital water birth

First time parents Emma and Alex share the birth of baby Cody with us today - and what a gorgeous story it is! Emma and Alex embarked on the Positively Pregnant Online Hypnobirthing course to help them to prepare for the birth of their first baby.

In Emma's words:

" When we found out we were expecting, we wanted to feel equipped for pregnancy and birth outside of google and social media. We attended an antental course in our local area, ran by two incredible midwives as well as completing Positively Pregnants online hypnobirthing course.

We both had the mindset that anything could happen in labour and I wasn't sure how my body would react. I practised the Positively Pregnant breathing exercises regularly, along with listening to relaxing music. I created two playlists on my phone, one called relax and another happy (something we'd learned on the PP course). We always planned to go into hospital to give birth, this was personal choice.

I opted to have a sweep, as it just felt right for me. Two days later, at 3am, I woke up with a peculiar feeling in my tummy and like I needed a wee. My mucus plug then started to come out (I thought it would just come out as one, but this was a continuous gloop!) And I woke up my husband.

Being our first child, I thought it could have been Braxton Hicks, and didn't believe it could of been labour.. I found the whole thing hilarious. I went downstairs and watched Bridesmaids and Mamma Mia (to get those happy hormones going!!)... all whilst sitting on a yoga ball.

I kept feeling strange things in my tummy but yet again assumed it was Braxton Hicks. I started to use my breathing exercises every now and then, but still found it all pretty hilarious.

I downloaded an app to log these 'feelings' and my husband kept an eye on them. At 7am he phoned labour line and I was advised to take paracetamol to help with the 'feelings'.

The feelings by 8:30am were what I started to think of as contractions, as I started to lean off doors around the house and they kept coming every few minutes. We phoned labour line again and we then travelled into hospital.

We had always planned to go into hospital for the birth, either the labour ward or birthing suite, dependent on how I would be managing labour... which I clearly found hilarious!

We had our own room in the birthing centre and when we arrived I was informed we were 5cms. I used a tens machine in the car however, it didnt seem to be working (later found out I was using it wrong!) And decided to get into the pool. I was under the impression that when you get to hospital, everything slows down, so I was ready to be in hospital for a while.. but two hours later, with no medication, our son was born. 

All in all the pushing stage for me was only about 2 minutes long - tops!

It was the most amazing experience of our lives. I completely let go of being in control of my body and let the contractions do the work, whilst breathing (and grunting like some kind of sheep and cow mixed together) and counting in my head.

I had a small second degree tear, but again this was fine. I had one stitch!

We were home later the same day. Recovery was smooth, we froze lots of meals prior to labour. 

Some advice from a first time mum:

•Get your partner to be in charge of setting up the room (lighting, music, smells etc)

• attend an antental class or online course

• get your partner to put fresh bedding on for after birth.. getting into a bed with clean sheets post birth is just the best!

• breathe!! "


I asked Emma if she were to describe her birth in 3 words - what would she choose - she said:

"Life changing, empowering, beautiful"

Ready to find your own path to an empowering, positive birth? My multi award winning Online Hypnobirthing course will leave you and your partner feeling confident, clued up and ready for birth!

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