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Join our Tribe

COVID19 UPDATE: The weekly group are still getting together - just via Zoom video call. 
When we feel comfortable getting together in person, we will do so. 
Every week myself, and a lovely group of Mums-to-be get together to take time out for themselves, connect with their bumps and to indulge in some deep relaxation. 
This isn't some awkward meet up with random pregnant women - this group has become a beacon of community and support for women from across the country & in the North East. 
This is the ultimate Girl Gang, a Tribe of women to love, support and have a laugh with. Once you have had your baby there will also be a monthly meet up, babes and all! 
Each week is slightly different - we look at practical ways you can relax during pregnancy, both physically and mentally. We talk about the importance of relaxing and the benefits it will have for you health wise and also during your babies birth. 
Every session includes a guided relaxation session so you can completely unwind and switch off. 
This is NOT Hypnobirthing - it's pure chill time. 

Join our girl gang for just £5 per session or £15 for a 4 session pass

(can be used any time)

Zoom meet up runs every Wednesday evening 8-9pm