The Essentials Classes

The Essentials Classes are designed to take you from feeling anxious and unsure about birth to feeling informed, in control and happy.

This series is perfect for parents who are short on time (ie you are almost at your due time!), or are unable to make an in person class for any reason. Because these are live ‘over the web’ classes it means that you still have the benefit of Jessica’s personalised expertise, being able to ask questions and making some friends who are pregnant at the same time as you.

Investment for all 3 classes




  • 3 x 1.5 hour live Zoom classes with Jessica Ord

  • The full collection of Positively Pregnant hypnobirthing mp3 tracks

  • Optional group class Whatsapp group to form a support network of like minded parents

During the course of these 3 classes we will be focussing in on 3 main topics:


Your Mindset

We'll get to the bottom of how your mind has a huge impact on labour.

Did you know that the fear of pain actually CAUSES the majority of pain in labour? We'll be getting to the bottom of how you can manage your fear on the lead up to & during labour to ensure that your contractions feel manageable.

We will explore how your expectations, other people stories & even the TV shows you watch could be influencing the way you perceive (and in turn will experience) labour. 

Jessica will also be teaching you some of her award winning hypnobirthing techniques so that you have an array of tools for your mind during pregnancy & birth.

You'll finish this class knowing how you can keep a happy, positive frame of mind no matter what! 

Your Body

During this class you’ll learn all about how your body works during labour & how you can help it do it’s thing.

What actually happens during a contraction? How long does labour take? What will it feel like? How do we prevent tearing? When do your waters break?


All your questions around the physical side of labour will be answered during this class!


Your Choices

What is mandatory during labour? Which aspects of your care can you control?


When might you be offered induction, and what might that process look like? Do you have to have a sweep on your due date?


This class is all about the different interventions you may be offered and the alternatives - you’ll finish this class feeling more informed and in control of your birth plans.