See what other women in Northumberland have to say about the Positively Pregnant workshop

Jo, Morpeth

"Having had a traumatic birth with our first, I found this invaluable. Jessica helped us so much, thinking of things I would never have known or considered. This time around I honestly had such a lovely experience & will always be grateful to her for this."

Emma, Berwick Upon Tweed

 "I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Jessica is lovely and has the ability to instantly make you feel at home.

As someone with underlying medical conditions, I wasn’t entirely sure how much I would benefit, but it’s changed my entire approach and attitude towards my baby boy’s arrival.


Whilst previously I was under the impression the delivery was something I would just have to ‘get through’ to meet our little one, I now feel a lot more confident and informed on how to make his delivery a positive and calm experience.

Couldn’t recommend Jessica enough and can’t wait to continue to go to her relaxation sessions!

Georgia, Bedlington

"The workshop was so much more than I expected and would totally recommend it to any expectant mums and dads.
My partner and I got loads from today, and I left feeling positive, happy and confident in my own abilities to birth our baby girl"

JoJo, Alnwick

"Jessica is amazing at what she does. She is so knowledgeable and makes the hypnobirthing workshop so interactive and interesting.


I learnt so much during the day and left feeling excited and empowered about going into labour rather than scared of the pain.


I think the most useful part of the day is the section on the role of birth partners during labour. It's so nice to make the Dad's feel involved and I know my husband will really benefit from this when I go into labour"

Madelaine, Warkworth

"We had such a different experience this time round. Birth shouldn't be any other way than this."


Lucy, Seahouses

"I was a little unsure about how the online workshop would work, but it genuinely felt like we were actually together.


The course makes such sense, but at the same time is full of things I would have never known. I really liked how it's a real mix of being totally evidence based but also including the breathing techniques and Hypnobirthing.

I feel so ready now."

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