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Filmed directly from Positively Pregnant HQ, my country farmhouse, come join me - Jessica Ord, birth educator & hypnobirthing specialist, for a nurturing and in depth antenatal course. Voted the BEST online antenatal course in England - this course will take you from feeling overwhelmed and confused about birth to feeling calm, confident and excited.

As well as having trained with some of the world's leading midwives, hypnotherapists, researchers & doulas, I have also had two incredibly positive and empowering natural births of my own. I know what you really need to know, understand and have access to in order to have a beautiful experience of birth. 

I know how important it is that you not only have access to evidence based, trustworthy information about birth, but also that you feel seen and understood as an individual, not just 'another' pregnant woman on the conveyor belt of antenatal care. ​

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That's why the Positively Pregnant video course isn't 'just' a pre recorded online course. You'll still get those personal touches you'd have, were you here at my country retreat in person. 


I'll be posting out to you a beautiful package from my home to yours, including the same handbook that every in person client receives to aid your birth preparation magic, the very 'cup of tea' you'd be enjoying were you sat with me here at the farmhouse (yummy pregnancy tea from Hottea Mama) - all put together beautifully with a personal note and twine. You'll also have access to an online community of like minded women in my closed Facebook group. 

A lot of women are treated to the Video Course by loved ones as their baby shower gift. If you'd like to do this, simply select this option at checkout to ensure the course and goodies are sent to the right person.


You can also upgrade for £35 to include a 'baby shower box' - filled with new Mama essentials; a re-usabe coffee cup, bath salts, essential oil roller ball, printed affirmation cards, aromatherapy body scrub & body butter. 

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  • 10 pre recorded video classes with Jessica Ord, birth educator and hypnobirthing specialist. 

  • 13 Digital written chapters for you to work through at your own pace

  • A physical pack posted out to you on booking, to aid and enhance your learning experience. Includes a class workbook, printed affirmations (within your book), a 'cup of tea' (Hottea Mama sample), pregnancy bath salts and selection of luxury pregnancy samples. 

  • 7 highly effective & easy Hypnobirthing techniques 

  • Exercises to complete with your partner along the way, to help start conversations & get you planning your birth confidently. 

  • 12 Printable Affirmation cards 

  • Printable Class materials including Birth Plan templates for ALL types of birth 

  • 10 original Hypnobirthing Mp3s 

  • 'Further reading' material including evidence and research on many pregnancy and birth topics.

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  • The full Video course (as above)

  • A Physical pack posted out to you to aid your learning & enhance your hypnobirthing experience


(Includes a luxury class workbook to aid and enhance your learning alongside the videos, visual aids & luxury pregnancy samples)





If a more bespoke experience of birth preparation is what you're craving, but you are unable to make it to an in person class, the Gold membership is a fantastic way to elevate your antenatal care with me.


With this membership, you'll not only be getting the very best in terms of Online hypnobirthing; you'll also have the added benefit of having my 'real life' support. We'll have a 2 hour video call together to work through any lingering fears you may have, chat through your birth plans, help you with any decisions you might have - anything which you would like.


You will also have the fantastic benefit of being able to message me via whatsapp, & email whenever you are in need of support throughout your pregnancy. Think of me as your virtual antenatal doula!



  • The full Video course (as above)

  • A physical pack posted out to you to aid your learning & enhance your hypnobirthing experience


(Includes a class workbook, printed infographics to go alongside the videos, visual aids, pregnancy aromatherapy goodies, natural baths salts & more)

  • A 2 hour virtual (or in person if local to the North East ) contact session with Jessica, founder of Positively Pregnant, to talk over any questions or concerns or to practice your techniques.  

  • Ongoing support from Jessica over email, message or Whatsapp (Please see Terms & Conditions for full details) 

  • Access to the closed 'Pregnancy Support Tribe' Facebook group to meet other mums to be & seek support. 

  • Baby Shower upgrade available 

Wondering what it's all about? What will you *actually* learn? 

The video course is made up of 10 pre recorded classes with renowned Hypnobirthing practitioner & Evidence Based Birth professional Jessica Ord. The video classes are interwoven between written chapters, all placed in order, for you to work your way through in your own time. 

It's the perfect combination of an antenatal hypnobirthing class & an informative, fun (and light reading) book!

Here's some of the content covered in your completely original, award winning course: 

  • Your Birth Hormones 

  • The link between pain & fear (and how to get rid of the pain bit..!) 

  • Hypnobirthing breathing, visualisation and anchoring & mindfulness techniques 

  • How do you want to FEEL in the lead up to, during & after your baby's birth? 

  • How to start feeling the way you want to - let's put a plan in place 

  • Creating a birth plan (including a printable check list and birth plan template)

  • Your birth parter, their role & top tips

  • Your birth room - how to make any room feel cosy, relaxing & conducive for birth. 

  • Birth place Choices - what are the options & the statistics behind them?

  • Birth Rights - what can you decline? What are you allowed to do in terms of water, home birth, induction?

  • Language - how it can impact how we feel and the decisions we make

  • Feeling Assertive & confident in making decisions & communicating with our care providers

  • The physical side of the story - the different stages of labour, what's happening during a contraction, birth positions, dilation, noises, poop and more! 

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"I've just finished the first few video classes & I'm blown away already - it's amazing! You have already helped me to question things and my own perspective! Thank you so much!"

- Laura, Second Time Mum


"I can honestly say this is the best thing I've ever done. As someone with underlying medical conditions I wasn't entirely sure how much I would benefit, but it's changed my entire approach & attitude towards my baby boy's arrival. 

Whilst previously I thought birth was something I would just have to 'get through' to meet our little one, I now feel a lot more confident & informed on how to make his birth a positive and calm experience no matter what. Couldn't reccommend this course enough!"

- Emma, First Time Mum

Not sure if hypnobirthing is for you?

Why not take a peek through my FREE mini class to get a feel for what preparing for birth with me is all about. 

Your free class includes: 

  • The first class from the Positively Pregnant Video Course (10 min video)

  • A relaxing Hypnobirthing MP3 to listen to

  • Information on birth place options & pain relief choices (including all of the non medical options!

  • Jessica's top tips for planning a natural birth

  • A free discovery call with Jessica (should you wish!) 

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