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Positive C section birth

Second time parents, Rach and her partner Richard share with us their empowering cesarean birth story today. I will always be in awe at Rach's strength and determination as she navigated the maternity system and created a space for birth which felt right for her, in what were extenuating circumstances.

In her own words, Rachel tells us:

"Let me start this off by stating that when I fell pregnant this time around I never envisioned how my birth would go. I was determined to have a vaginal birth. My 'healing' birth after giving birth to my daughter in 2021.

One thing that I was super excited about was taking part in Positively Pregnant's hypnobirthing course. I had discovered Jess late in my first pregnancy, and her breathing techniques were a game changer in labour.

We completed her in person course and were equipped to feel empowered to make the right decision for me. Pregnancy is one of those where things can change suddenly. I had been in hospital for 2 weeks prior to my c section, due to my baby doing somersaults in the womb and moving to a transverse position. This is known as a unstable lie.  I had 2 options: 1) Be induced and they turn her in to head down position or 2) Have a  c section.

Using the BRAIN acronym for decison making that we'd learned about in our course, I decided that the c section route was the safest option for myself and my little girl.

I used the tools from Jess course to weigh up all the options. I also had to be my advocate as some of the medical team wanted me to be induced. The midwives were absolutely amazing at supporting my decision and took time to talk to me during their busy shifts when my anxiety kicked in. I will forever be grateful to them. 

On the 26th October I walked down to theatre. I was a little nervous, but I had done my research about csections doing the c section uk course. I highly recommend this to anyone considering a csection.

The spinal was given and I was laid down. This was not as bad as I thought. My legs felt like I had pins and needles at first. All the staff were great at listening to me.

Within 5 to 10 minutes my little girl was born and I began skin to skin. It was incredibly calm.

I had my playlist on and my essential oils. I also used the Positively Pregnant breathing techniques that Jess had taught us. I came out of theatre in to recovery feeling happy, in control and relaxed.

Thank you for giving me with the skills to make the right decision; I got my healing birth in the end. You honestly make such a difference to so many Jess "


Pregnant and looking for a way to prepare for birth which aligns with YOU, YOUR needs and your vision for birth? Want to feel clued up, confident and ready for birth?

The Positively Pregnant course is a multi award winning birth preparation & hypnobirthing course, expertly designed to ensure you feel fully prepared.

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