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Just wanted to say a massive thank you for preparing me for the birth of my daughter. Labour was more intense than I could ever have imagined, however I was able to let me body take over & ride out the sensations. I am so happy I did your course & I will be recommending you to every pregnant woman I meet

Rachel, 1st time Mum - Group class 2022

I recieved my box for the online course in the post this morning! I wasn't expecting it to be this beautiful! It even smells amazing! Such a luxurious touch to what is already an amazing course.
I've only watched the first 2 classes and already so much has shifted for me. 

Sarah, 1st time Mum - Online Hypnobirthing member

Feb 2023

Labour was so magical. Towards the end the whole world just went still...I didn't feel pain, just total sublime joy & awe.
I still don't fully have the words for what this birth meant for me, but it was like a gift from the Universe to experience such a primal joy.
You helped me to fully prepare so that fear & pain never took over. 

Rebecca, 2nd time Mum following a traumatic 1st birth - Private Course

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