A comprehensive & fun way of fully preparing for birth. 

Spend the day learning expert techniques to take you from feeling anxious about birth to calm, confident & excited. 

This is antenatal education with 'oomph'! 

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This Best-selling course is a virtual face-to-face version of the 'in person' Antenatal Hypnobirthing workshop. 

Accessed Via Zoom, learn everything you need to know in order to feel informed and confident about your baby's birth, from Award Winning Hypnobirthing Practitioner Jessica Ord. 

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Already done a Hypnobirthing or Antenatal course during a previous pregnancy? 

No problem - I offer tailored refresher courses for parents who want to learn something new or go over things they may have forgotten. 


Not sure where to start with creating your Birth Plan? 

Hypnobirthing Practitioner, and Evidence Based Birth Professional Jessica, can guide you through finding evidence & research to help create a birth plan which clearly expresses your choices and decisions. 

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Work with me to transform your planned cesarean birth from a medical operation to a beautiful birth experience. 

By using Hypnobirthing techniques, and preparing & planning for birth in similar ways to we would a vaginal birth, we can ensure you feel calm and excited in the lead up & during your babies birth. 


Meet other pregnant Northumberland and North East mums at the Positively Pregnant weekly Group. 


Meeting every week eith in person or over Zoom, this group of women have formed a strong and loving pregnancy community. 

Come join our tribe & learn relaxation techniques along the way1 

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