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Giving birth is an important rite of passage in your journey into (or deeper into) Motherhood; you deserve to feel seen, understood and nurtured during your pregnancy and as you prepare to birth your baby. My role as a doula is to help you access your own strength and powers, so that you are able to birth on YOUR terms and in your own way. 

I have a holistic & woman centred approach to pregnancy and birth - my primary objective is to help you to access your innate power and authority during this transformative time. 

Being a Doula and Hypnobirthing specialist is my soul's calling - and I feel so grateful & humbled to be able to serve women & their families across the North East & Northumberland in this way. 

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What is a Doula?

A doula is a little bit like the modern day version of the 'wise woman', who would have attended births before the medicalisation of birth; she is not there to perform medical checks or examinations, to 'assess' you or your labour in any way. What I am there for is to support you emotionally, spiritually, energetically and physically in the lead up to, during and after your birth. 


As a doula I provide this nurturing support not only to the birthing woman, but her partner too; we have somewhat lost the 'village' which our ancestors would have had around them to birth. In days gone by you would have had your Mother, Grandmother, Aunts, Cousins, beloved friends holding and supporting you as you approached and experienced this incredible but intense journey.


Now, all we (typically) have is the support of our partner and medical midwives who perhaps we don't even have a relationship with. It's a LOT of pressure on one partner to hold space of that magnitude, but also to help you explore on a really deep level your options, what feels right for you and ensuring those needs are met. 

A doula in no way 'replaces' the role of the partner, but instead creates space for them to be with you in a way which works beautifully for both of you, working together as a birth team who serve and answer to YOU as the person at the centre of birth. Doulas work to support and encourage partners to be fully involved in birth, not take their position in any way.  


Rebecca's story...

"I still don't fully have the words for what this birth meant to me, but it was like a gift from the universe to experience such a raw, healthy, primal joy.


Labour was so magical...getting into the pool was bliss, and then I had a little panic. I felt for the baby's head... And the whole world went still. I didn't feel any pain at all, just total sublime joy and awe.


And then I just held his head and waited, it was like time was suspended & I knew I was about to meet my baby..."

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£1,250 per couple

You can choose to split the cost of your doula services in a way which works for you.

That might be paying all at once, in 2/ 3 instalments or if you are booking further in advance, simply paying an equal amount each month. The final balance is always due by 34 weeks. 

Non refundable deposit of £400 is due on booking to secure your care. 

Contractual T&Cs apply 

I currently have availability to support couples due in: 


(Where availability is 'booked' - it may be possible to work with me as a 'secondary' couple, or with 'back up' care. Do reach out if you'd like to chat more about this possibility.)













What does Doula care with me look like?

Before you decide whether I'm the right doula for you, we always have a good chat through your hopes for birth, how you're finding pregnancy and how you're feeling about finding your own path and voice during this important time - and I can chat through the ways in which I support women in far more detail.


We can either do this from my welcoming Farmhouse venue in Northumberland, or I can come and visit you in your home (across the North East),  we could meet somewhere for coffee, or of course over a video chat. 


Couples whom I Doula for are invariably ready to step into their power, to make their OWN decisions about what feels right for them & are not prepared to be shuttled down the conveyor belt of 'routine' antenatal care... but are looking for support and nurturing along the way.  


I am primarily a home birth doula; my continued and extensive training and experience in physiological birth and supporting women at home means that it's in these births where my skills, knowledge and passion are best utilised by the couples I support. 

I have a great deal of experience in supporting women who are being supported by NHS midwives, as well as couples choosing an independent midwife or free birth. 

When supporting you alongside midwives it is very much a part of my role to flow with ease with your medical care team; my 'loyalty' and service is always with YOU, however I know how vitally important it is that if you are to be cared for fully and holistically, that your midwives and your doula flow alongside each other too. My role is to support you in accessing the medical care you want, and to ensure you feel able to use your voice for anything which isn't right for you. 

I'll be working really closely with you, to help activate the power that YOU have inside you. 


I'm not a 'birthy bouncer', guarding the door  - I'm not here to 'save' you - from birth, the midwives you have invited to your birth,  or from stepping into your own power. I'm here to help you access your own inner compass, so that you can discover a path on which you don't need saving - one which feels in alignment for YOU.

I am here to hold space for you whilst you lean into your own wisdom and strength, and to ensure that your pregnancy and birth is honoured as the life changing rite of passage that it is. 

During your pregnancy you'll have the opportunity to have a private hypnobirthing course with me (included in your doula care package - usually £450 ) so that you can prepare well for your upcoming birth.


My hypnobirthing courses are multi award winning, and have changed the births and lives of over 300 parents over the past 6 years. If you have already embarked on a hypnobirthing course we will instead have dedicated sessions for us to explore birth in other ways. 

We'll also have 2 additional 2 hour sessions together after your hypnobirthing course, to explore your birth plans in detail (in light of all you have learned during your course), as well as really diving into birth from an emotional, spiritual and ancestral perspective. On average we will have spent between 10 and 14 hours together before you've even gone into labour, ensuring I am nowhere near a stranger for you! 


Birth really can be an incredibly sacred, beautiful transformation for you as a woman, and a couple - let's explore the ways you're able to turn inwards, connect with those who have come before you and bring their strength into your birth. 

After your birth I'll be bringing delicious, nutritious home made meals (you'll be given a menu during pregnancy to choose 2 mains, 2 lunches and 2 treats!), be here for you emotionally to debrief your birth, help with transitioning to life with a newborn, do some light housework for you, cook and generally 'Mother the Mother'. These postnatal visits consist of 2 x 2 hour visits and are included in your birth package. 

On the day...

I'll be 'on call' to be with you during your birth anytime from 38 weeks. After that I am here, calmly, patiently and lovingly waiting for your call. So far as I'm concerned you & your baby/ pregnancy don't have a 'sell by date'.


During your final weeks of pregnancy we will inevitably be in closer contact as I support you emotionally & spiritually - as well as helping to signpost and 'interpret' and research or evidence you need for any decisions that come your way. 

When your time comes to birth your baby I will be there, for whatever you need (with the exception, of course, of providing any form of medical care.)


I will be there to create a beautiful, nurturing environment for you - both practically - setting up & filling your birth pool (included in your doula package!) , lighting candles - Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen-ning the shiz out of that birth room..!) and emotionally. 

  • Physical support - I am trained in Rebozo support for birth , massage for birth & aromatherapy for childbirth- three wonderful tools we have at our disposal *should* you wish in the moment. I'll be here to hand hold, create a beautiful 'environment' for you,  make cups of tea, my special 'labour lemonade', feed you snacks, massage (or teach your partner the techniques ahead of time!) and whatever else you may need.  Sometimes, though, when birth is unfolding naturally and you are able to simply be left alone and go inwards... you may require very little from my physically. 

  • Emotional Support - I'm here for you. Body, mind and spirit. Think of me as a safe space in which you can release anything that needs to come out. Cry. laugh, confide - knowing that I am truly hearing you and holding you in love. I'll be there to remind you of your power, your sacredness and your authority as the birthing woman. I'll also be there to help your birth partner remain aware of their power and presence, and to support them through any advocacy communication. 

  • Hypnobirthing support - You will have your very own bespoke hypnobirthing tracks already recorded, but you will, of course, also have me there on the day too. I can help remind you of your techniques, guide you through 'tailored to the moment' hypnobirthing visualisations and techniques.  

  • I'll stay with you... no matter what! If your circumstances change during pregnancy & you decide that birthing in a hospital or midwifery unit is best for you, I am of course here to support you. Likewise should you choose to transfer during labour I will follow you to hospital & wherever humanly possible, remain with you throughout your birth journey. 

Meet your Doula...

Hi! I'm Jessica Ord, Doula, award winning birth educator, pregnancy mindset author & hypnobirthing specialist. 

I pride myself in providing the very best in depth, evidence based but heart centred care to women across the North East of England. 


Over the past 6 years, supporting women in the childbaring year,  I have won several major awards, including 'Best Antenatal course - England', 'Hypnobirthing Specialist of the Year' and 'Best in pregnancy support services'. 

I'm a registered Doula with Doula UK, the country's leading accreditation body for professional Doulas. 

As well as having trained with some of the world's leading midwives, hypnotherapists, researchers & doulas (including Dr Sara WIchkam, Dr Rachel Reed, Evidence Based Birth & a RCM approved Hypnobirthingtraining course , I have also had two incredibly positive and empowering natural births of my own (one a 'high risk' hospital birth with our son Monty & a free birth with our 2 year old daughter Primrose).


I know what you really need to know, understand and have access to in order to have a beautiful experience of birth. I know the ways in which a woman and her partner need to feel supported and heard as they make this journey.  

I have extensive training and experience in the physical, emotional & pyschological aspects of birth and my specialisation is in supporting home births & helping women & their partners approach birth on THEIR terms. 

My skills include: Hypnobirthing (of course!), pregnancy & labour massage, Rebozo for birth & aromatherapy for birth.


I have additional training and experience in supporting women having/ with: Home birth, Free birth, VBAC birth, Strep B, High BMI, Low PAPP A, Gestational Diabetes, IVF conception and so much more.  

Do get in touch and you can get a feel whether I'm the right doula for you. 

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What's included in my birth Doula package? 

I work with women & their families across the North East of England. Here's what you can expect when you hire me as your Doula...

'On Call' support for your birth from 38 weeks

I'll be with you, from whenever you need me once you are in labour to ensure you & your partner(s) feel safe, nurtured and supported. You'll be able to call me any time day or night to help you decide if it's 'time' and come to you. 

Complimentary access to the PP Online Course

Worth £63 on it's own, you'll get complimentary access to the full Positively pregnant Online Hypnobirthing course. 

Includes a private members area of the PP website, a file full of birth related research, a private Facebok community & lots more!

2 day Hypnobirthing Course

Spread across 2 full days at my relaxing Farmhouse venue. (£687 usual price for a private course)

We'll book your best dates for your hypnobirthing course once you are booked in with me. 

Postnatal Care

Following the birth of your baby, I'll be available to come and support you and your partner for 2 x 2 hour sessions. These usually tend to be during Days 1/ 2 and 3/4 following birth.


During these visits I'll be here to chat with you about your birth, de-brief on how you're feeling and answer any questions you might have. I'll also be able to support you in more practical ways, such as light housework, bringing nourishing meals & hot cups of tea, running you a bath and giving you a good postnatal foot rub! 

Forget cold, hard 'tea and toast' - you deserve to be nourished like the Goddess you are after birth! 

2 additional antenatal visits

We'll get together (at least!) twice more. During these sessions we'll be looking at your birth preparation both from a 'birth plans' perspective, but also a spiritual, traditional, and generally much deeper perspective. Find saying 'No' difficult? We'll look at that...! 

Birth pool, TENS machine & more...!

As most of the couples I work with are planning a home birth, I have a La Bassine regular birth pool which you have 'free of charge' should you wish to use.


All you would need to get are the 'accessories' - liner, hose and sieve! 

I also have a starlight projector, fairy lights for the bottom of your pool, a basket full of battery and regular candles, an Elle TENS machine, Essential oils & rebozo scarf in my 'Doula Kit'. 

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