Bespoke, private course

Join me, Jessica, for a completely tailor made birth preparation course - for just yourself and your partner. Held over 2 full days at my country house retreat, or the comfort of your own home, to leave you feeling fully relaxed, nurtured and prepared for your baby's birth.  

"As a highly experienced birth educator, and Mum to two - it's safe to say your time preparing for birth is in safe hands; I know that to truly feel nurtured during this time, each moment counts.
From feeling crystal clear about the choices around how you bring your baby into this world, right down to that moment when you reach for your baby, your eyes locking for the first time, preparing for a lifetime of love."

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In my experience, when given the right tools, information and ongoing support; women are perfectly able to ensure their birth experience is the most incredible day of their lives. This transformative, and beautiful time in your life is something which your ancestors have done for millenia; the capability to birth your baby on your terms is within your grasp. 

Having trained with some of the worlds leading midwives, researchers and douas around the world to ensure that my expertise in natural childbirth, birth choices and the psychology around birth is first class. My classes impart the vital knowledge, self belief & strength that couples need to understand how birth works, navigate the maternity system in order to have a birth which not only brings their baby into the world in a gentle, loving way - but also leaves them feeling powerful, joyful & strong. 

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Come join me for a weekend...

To rest, focus on your baby and your upcoming birth together. Arrive at my beautiful country farm estate, at a time to best suit you on a chosen weekend morning. Once you're both settled into to my tranquil 'relaxation room', you'll be served up a lovely breakfast of freshly baked pastries and fruit salad, with your favourite juices and hot drinks. 

We'll have already gone through your current worries, your hopes and wishes for birth, personal/ pregnancy history and what you'd most like to get our of your course during our 1/2 hour initial video call consultation. So on the day we can just get straight into getting you prepared for birth. 

On booking you'll have decided how spreading out your two full days with me works best for you; either one full weekend (guest cottage accommodation available on site, further details below) or consecutive Saturdays/Sundays spread a week apart usually works best. 

Throughout the weekend you'll be welcomed to enjoy Chatton Park like your own home. Take refreshing walks around the gardens & farmland whenever you fancy, have your lunch by the AGA in the country kitchen, which will be ready and waiting for you, having been collected from the gorgeous local deli, Carnaby's Cafe. Lunch is included on your first day. 

Your expert led classes will be broken up into enjoyable, easy to digest sessions and we'll be covering absolutely everything around the physical and mental aspects of birth, as well as talking through your choices and what feels right for YOU.

Once your weekend of learning is over we'll be keeping in touch via message, email or video calls whenever you need my help or support. 

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Why embark on a private course...?

My tailor made hypnobirthing courses are perfect for couples who would prefer to have my undivided support throughout their pregnancy and the early days after their baby is born, couples who have a clear idea of how they would like to give birth but are unsure how to maximise their chances of getting there, couples with a unique history around birth (such as previous trauma), or for those who would love to make this special time a truly unique and nurturing experience. 

Having your birth preparation completely tailored to you means that none of your precious time is wasted; you won't have to sit and listen to aspects of birth which perhaps are not relevant to the way you want to give birth and my time won't be split between 4 different couples. All the questions are yours, all of the support is yours. 

My private clients also benefit from having me 'on call' throughout their pregnancy; they're able to contact me directly either via message, email or scheduled video calls whenever they're in need of support, advice, links to research, or just an offload to a friendly, non judgemental ear. 

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Private 2 day course with ongoing support, investment of 


'Pay in 3' payment plan available

3 monthly payments of £229

*Final payment to be paid no later than 10 days after your final class

  • Option to stay overnight(s) in our guest cottage on the farm estate - Price on Enquiry (subject to availability) 

I only work with 1 private couple per month, so that I can fully invest my energy and time to your care. If you'd like to reserve your month of choice please head to the link below. Exact dates can be scheduled according to your schedule. 

Book a free discovery call... 

If you'd like to chat anything through, and find out more about how I can help you as an unique couple, let's schedule a free 15 minute phone or video chat at a time convenient to you...

The booking process...

1. From the very first moment you decide to embark on a bespoke course with me, your experience will be tailor made. That begins with a phone or video call with me, Jessica, so that we can start to get to know each other, and I can get a good idea about what you'd really love to learn about, what your worries are, the type of birth you really want. This way we can make sure every minute of your 2 full days are absolute gold. 

2. We'll book you in for 2 days at times/ dates which best suit you as a couple. 

3. You'll receive one of my favourite birth preparation books, along with some pregnancy treats in the post. You'll also get my full collection of hypnobirthing MP3 tracks to begin listening to right away. 

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what will you learn?

​Well, that is dependant on what we mutually feel would help you to get to where you want to be with your birth! Here is an idea of the things which I typically cover in a 2 day course: 

  • About your birth Hormones & how they effect labour

  • Hypnobirthing  - 5 original and uniquely simple techniques . These techniques are designed to help you feel calm and in control during labour, and to help you manage the intensity of contractions.

  • The physical side of Birth - Learn about the different stages of labour, what's ACTUALLY happening during a contraction, waters going, pushing - everything you could possibly need to know to feel prepared and confident! 

  • Your Birth Room (and getting there!) - making a perfect birth 'nest' that will help labour to progress smoothly​

  • Birth Partner - Forget sitting in the corner feeling like a 'spare part' - your partner will leave the day feeling confident and happy in how they can fully support you & be an essential part of your baby's birth. ​

  • Taking a look at common interventions which will perhaps be 'offered' to you during pregnancy & birth; helping you understand the potential knock on effects these interventions may have, and helping you find alternatives, should you wish.  

  • Birth Options & decisions - there can be so many different options when it comes to birth and interventions around birth. I'll help you start to look at these options & figure out whats right for YOU.

  •  Taking a look at any specific fears you have around birth and helping you to overcome them. 

  • Creating your Birth Plan(s)! We don't purely focus on your 'plan A' - we take a look at how you can make a birth plan which covers every eventuality - from water birth to Caesarean birth, we can make any situation a calm, loving and positive one. 

  • Finding evidence, research & reliable information to make your decisions around pregnancy & birth. 

  • Birth Rights - We take a look at these and give you the confidence to take your birth experience into your own hands. ​​

  • Feeling Assertive; Even if you KNOW you can say 'No', it can sometimes feel almost impossible to do this in the face of medical intervention or suggestion. I'll help you explore those feelings, and we'll take steps towards being able to use your powerful voice. 

  • The 'fourth trimester' - those first few hours, days and weeks - and how to make them as stress free as possible! 

what's included?

  • 10 hours of in person contact time with Jessica spread across 2 days (dates to be determined on booking/enquiry)

  • Breakfast on both days (Continental in style) 

  • Lunch on your first day (From local deli Carnaby's)

  • Refreshments throughout; Snacks, juices, waters, large selection of hot drinks including Nespresso coffee (decaf too!), Tea Pigs Teas, Hottea Mama pregnancy tea. 

  • A large luxury canvas hospital/ new mum bag full of new Mama essentials, hand made pregnancy bath salts and luxury pregnancy samples

  • A pack of physical affirmation cards to aid your hypnobirthing

  • A hand made essential oil roller ball made with and for you during your course

  • The full collection of Positively Pregnant hypnobirthing tracks

  • A bespoke hypnobirthing track recorded just for you, including any specific fears you would like to release. Sent to you via email after your 2 in person sessions. 

  • Ongoing support from Jessica via text, email and/ or scheduled video calls

  • Free access to the Positively Pregnant Video Course  incase you would like to revisit any topics after your course. 

  • A digital file full of reputable research & evidence around pregnancy choices and problems.