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Free Hypnobirthing Tracks 


I've put together a collection of free Positively Pregnant Hypnobirthing tracks for you to listen to as an important part of your hypnobirthing practice. The more you listen to these tracks on a regular basis, the more the positive and confident messages within them will have time to seep into your subconscious - leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. 

It's important that you find a comfortable space where you won't be disturbed whilst you listen to these tracks. Many women feel as though they're drifting off to sleep - but don't worry - your subconscious mind will still be taking in all that it needs to. The tracks work best with headphones in. 

If you would like to listen to these tracks offline whilst at home or in your place of birth - I have all tracks available as part of MP3 & affirmation bundles from £5. Choose from my range of MP3s bundles here:



Jessica Ord 

This track is designed to help you tune in to your innate wisdom & connect with your baby. It will leave you feeling calm, relaxed & confident in your body's abilities. 

Hypnobirthing TrackJessica Ord
00:00 / 21:11
MindfulnessJessica Ord
00:00 / 05:54

This is one of mine & the women I work with's favourite techniques! It's a super simple, super effective Mindfulness relaxation, It allows you to quickly and easily turn down your thoughts, and the constant chattering in your head - allowing you to rest & relax. 

Covid Support RelaxationJessica Ord
00:00 / 20:42

This track has been created especially for the Mamma's of coronavirus/ lockdown. Take some time out to rest & give yourself some space. These are uncertain and difficult times and this track will hopefully go some way in easing that tension. 

Preparing for your baby's birth? 

If you're feeling anxious or unsure about labour and birth - why not embark on the Positively Pregnant Video Course? 

At just £40 for the full course, this is Birth Preparation at your own pace, in your own space. 

Completely Original and designed to take you from feeling scared and worried about giving birth to CALM, CONFIDENT & IN CONTROL. 

Or... From 'Bricking it' to 'Wonderwoman' ! 

 Includes 10 Video Classes, 12 written chapters, over 10 Hypnobirthing Mp3s & techniques, exercises to complete in your own time plus much, much more... 

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The Pregnancy Support 


Want to join  a private and friendly network of like minded mums to be preparing for their babies birth with positivity and confidence? 

The Pregnancy Support Tribe Facebook Group is a gorgeous space for Mums to be who are embarking on a birth preparation course with Positively Pregnant. Whether you've done an 'in person' workshop or you're doing the amazing £40 Video Course - this is the space for you to make friends, vent, seek support or ask for advice with your hypnobirthing & motherhood! 

Head to the button below to join, and fill out the questions to gain entry.