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Hi! I'm Jessica...

I'm a birth educator, hypnobirthing specialist, clinical hypnotherapist, pregnancy author - as well as Mummy to 2 gorgeous little humans, and wife to Farmer Richard. I live in beautiful Northumberland at our family farm, where I host my bespoke Hypnobirthing classes.  


I believe that every birth can be a beautiful experience, and has the power to transform your life. I'm passionate about helping women and their partners come together to know what they're truly capable of when it comes to giving birth. 


That's why my mission is to bring you the very best in evidence based antenatal classes, combined with powerful hypnobirthing techniques and nurturing support during your pregnancy; so that you can approach your baby's birth feeling calmly excited, grounded and ready. 

Giving birth to my babies on my terms, and in a beautifully empowering way has transformed my life, and that's what you deserve too. 

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What inspired this Northumberland farmer's wife to get into teaching Hypnobirthing...? 

It was during my first pregnancy that I started exploring ways of making birth seem less terrifying to me. 

I ended up dragging my husband along to a well known national antenatal class, and all I remember from those classes was sitting on hard uncomfortable chairs in a dreary room. I would leave those classes feeling more confused & anxious than I was before. Deep down I knew what we were learning didn't align with what I wanted for my baby's birth. 

After reading some positive birth stories online and noticing that they all had one thing in common - hypnobirthing - we sought out a hypnobirthing class near Newcastle. 


I absolutely believe that doing hypnobirthing had a huge impact on my self belief, and ultimately helped me to have the natural birth I wanted. 

The rest, as they say, is history! 

"Jess made us all feel so comfortable, I felt like I'd known her a lifetime. I would recommend the invaluable services Jess provides to any pregnant couple. Jess has a passion to empower women during pregnancy, ensuring their experience is positive & that's exactly what she did for me! " 

Rachael, Group Hypnobirthing Mum

Positively Pregnant hypnobirthing

As well as having trained with some of the world's leading midwives, doctors, doulas and hypnotherapists, and having my own years of professional experience, I also have that all important lived experience of preparing for, and having two wonderfully empowering natural births of my own. 

Just last year our daughter, Primrose, was born; using all of the knowledge & techniques I share with the couples I work with; we welcomed Prim earthside in the comfort of our own home.


Lifting her out of the birth pool myself, surrounded by the love of my husband and our private birth team, making our way up to our big white, soft bed & later being joined by our firstborn has to be one of the most incredible times in our lives. 

Having worked with over 300 couples over the past 5 years I know what a huge difference my classes make to the outcomes and feelings around birth - but actually using all of my own breathing techniques & knowledge and feeling the result was just so wonderful. 

Hypnobirthing north east
Hypnobirthing class Newcastle

When I'm not working with couples to help them prepare for birth, I can generally be found perusing the Sophie Allport or White Company websites for candles and teacups which we definitely don't need (I have a thing about interiors and candles!), chasing our little monkeys around the Farmhouse garden, or catching up with friends over a locally brewed coffee.


Before I had my babies I worked in the Film and TV industry as a Script Supervisor! Safe to say I love language and the effects in can have on us - it makes sense that Hypnosis appealed to me, as it's all about using language to help us clear out unwanted beliefs and thoughts in our subconscious! 

The decision to create bespoke, nurturing and beautiful hypnobirthing courses for couples was an easy one for me;


I love my life, surroundings, home and experiences to feel lovely - and so that's exactly what I want for the couples who work with me too. After all, you only prepare for birth once - you may as well make sure it's the most wonderful, nurturing experience, as well as ensuring it's the very best in terms of evidence based eduction! 

I adore welcoming Mums to be from all across the North East to my country Farmhouse venue & being able to thoroughly nourish them mind, body and soul! 

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