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A bit about me...

Hi! I'm Jessica, founder of Positively Pregnant! 

I'm a Northumberland based Mummy & farmer's wife and I have made it my life's work and mission to help inspire women to reclaim their personal power in childbirth. 

Having used Hypnobirthing to prepare for the birth of my first child, it was my amazement and awe of what was physically achievable with simple shifts of mindset, and hypnosis techniques which fuelled my passion to study hypnotherapy. 

When I'm not working within our pregnancy community I can be found chasing our little one around the farm, gassing with my local mum friends, perusing the Sophie Allport website or with my nose burried in a good book! 


I originally trained to become a Hypnobirthing practitioner through a Royal College of Midwifery approved training course in 2018, and decided a year ago that although I loved the 'big brand' Hypnobirthing company I was part of, that I had a huge amount more I wanted to share with women and their birthing partners.  I created Positively Pregnant out of love and a desire to help pregnant parents as much as possible in a very real and practical way. 

I am a professional member of Evidence Based Birth™which I absolutely love - it continually keeps my knowledge on the evidence and facts around birth options fresh and up to date - and means I can provide my clients with some amazing resources! 

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Certified by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology), and hold diplomas in Cognitive behavioural Therapy, and Aromatherapy (levels 1 & 2) Prior to re-training in this profession I also gained an Undergraduate degree in English Literature & Linguistics, and a Postgraduate in Creative Writing at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.  

I hold a professional membership with AIMS - Associations for Improvements in the Maternity Care System, and ​I am also a Service user representative for Northumbria Maternity Voices Partnership - a committee dedicated to being the 'middle woman' between pregnant families and the NHS Maternity care system. 

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Get to know me a little better... 

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