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Voted Best Online Antenatal Course in England

Filmed directly from Positively Pregnant HQ, 'The Farmhouse', come join me - Jessica Ord, award wining birth educator, pregnancy mindset author & hypnobirthing specialist, for these nurturing and in depth online Hypnobirthing classes.


Voted the BEST online antenatal course in England by a panel of industry experts - this course will take you from feeling overwhelmed and confused about birth to feeling calm, confident and excited.

If you're looking for a way to approach your baby's birth which fits in around your schedule, one which you can feel relaxed in your own space yet also get the essential expert knowledge you need in order to feel clued up, in control and inspired...then this is the right Hypnobirthing course for you!

Best Online Hypnobirthing Course award

This is no ordinary online hypobirthing course; every detail had been expertly crafted, so that you can simply enrol - sit back and enjoy the best in antenatal education & hypnobirthing from the comfort of your own home. 

I want you to feel nurtured and special during your course (as though you were right here with me at The Farmhouse!) - that's why you also receive a luxurious pregnancy & hypnobirthing box delivered straight to your door days after enrolling on your course. 

Your luxury pregnancy box* is filled with beautiful class materials to go alongside and enhance your online classes, a class workbook, luxury pregnancy bath salts, a relaxing candle & lots more! 

*Box only available for postage to UK addresses. 


"I received my box this morning! Thank you so much! I wasn't expecting it to be this beautiful, it even smells amazing! Such a luxurious touch to what is already an amazing course. I've only watched the first 2 classes and already so much has shifted for me.


Sarah - 1st time Mum, enrolled on the Positively Pregnant Online Course Feb 23

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What's included in the Positively Pregnant Online Hypnobirthing course? 

Here's what you can expect when you embark on this award winning, 5* rated Online Hypnobirthing course...

10 pre recorded, expert led classes

With instant access to your course, you can watch these classes in your own time, at your own pace.


Varying in length from 15 minutes to 1 hour, you can choose your class depending on how much time you have each day. 

Your automatic membership also gives you access to Jessica on a 1-2-1 basis by booking in for extra private sessions at the exclusive rate of £20 per hour (usual price £35p/h)

Luxury pregnancy box*

Full to the brim with gorgeousness!


Including a bespoke class workbook, physical learning materials, pregnancy bath salts, a relaxing scented candle, a copy of The Natural Parenting mag, an essential oil roller ball & a pregnancy inspiration card.  

Posted to you within 5 days of enrolment so you can begin your course with your box right away. 

*UK addresses only. 

Award Winning Hypnobirthing

I'll be sharing with you my highly effective, but incredibly 'easy' Hypnobirthing techniques for labour. 

You'll learn 5 different techniques, and will also get 10 exclusive hypnobirthing MP3 tracks to listen to at different times through your pregnancy & birth. 

13 digital chapters

The perfect combination of video classes and bitesize written chapters! 

Each chapter goes alongside a class, to help solidify what you have watched. 

There are also 'tasks' at each stage as well as prompts to chat to your partner about. 


It's so important to have a supportive, positive community around us during pregnancy. That's why as part of your course you'll have the benefit of a private Facebook community full of other Mums who have embarked on the course. 

Birth plan templates

Your course includes birth plan templates for ALL types of birth - natural, c section, induction & everything in between! 

Editable templates help you to simplify what can often feel like a daunting task. 

Includes a birth plan checklist to ensure you have thought of ALL of your options, as well as 'real mum' examples of birth plans - so you can see how other Mums who have embarked on this course have put theirs together. 

Meet your hypnobirthing teacher... 

Hi! I'm Jessica Ord, award winning birth educator, doula,  pregnancy mindset author & hypnobirthing specialist. 

I pride myself in providing the very best in depth, evidence based but heart centred bespoke classes. Each course is perfectly tailored to the needs, worries and interests of the parents joining.

My approach to birth education is holistic and woman centred, weaving ancient wisdom with evidence based modern knowledge.

Over the past 5 years I have won several major awards, including 'Best Antenatal course - England', 'Hypnobirthing Specialist of the Year' and 'Best in pregnancy support services'. 

As well as having trained with some of the world's leading midwives, hypnotherapists, researchers & doulas, I have also had two incredibly positive and empowering natural births of my own (one a 'high risk' hospital birth & one a home birth).


I know what you really need to know, understand and have access to in order to have a beautiful experience of birth, no matter what your circumstances or wishes are. 

I know how important it is that you not only have access to evidence based, trustworthy information about birth, but also that you feel seen and understood as an individual, not just 'another' pregnant woman on the conveyor belt of antenatal care. ​

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What will you learn?

  • About your birth Hormones & how they effect labour

  • Hypnobirthing  - 5 original and uniquely simple techniques . These techniques are designed to help you feel calm and in control during labour, and to help you manage the intensity of contractions.

  • The physical side of Birth - Learn about the different stages of labour, what's ACTUALLY happening during a contraction, waters going, pushing - everything you could possibly need to know to feel prepared and confident! 

  • Your Birth Room (and getting there!) - making a perfect birth 'nest' that will help labour to progress smoothly​

  • Birth Partner - Forget sitting in the corner feeling like a 'spare part' - your partner will leave the day feeling confident and happy in how they can fully support you & be an essential part of your baby's birth. ​

  • Focussing on how you want to FEEL in the coming weeks, months & during labour & thinking about what you can be doing to make that a reality. 

  • Birth Options & decisions - there can be so many different options when it comes to birth and interventions around birth. I'll help you start to look at these options & figure out whats right for YOU.

  •  Common birth fears & how we can avoid them

  • Creating your Birth Plan(s)! We don't purely focus on you're 'plan A' here - we take a look at how you can make a birth plan which covers every eventuality - from water birth to Caesarean birth, we can make any situation a calm, loving and positive one. 

  • Finding evidence, research & reliable information to make your decisions around pregnancy & birth. 

  • Birth Rights - We take a look at these and give you the confidence to take your birth experience into your own hands. ​​

  • The 'fourth trimester' - those first few hours, days and weeks - and how to make them as stress free as possible! 

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