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In this completely original workshop we focus on how you want to FEEL during your pregnancy, babies birth, and during the post partum period. I want you to leave your workshop feeling calm, informed and confident. Experience a selection of highly effective tools and techniques to allow yourself the space and opportunity to have a positive birth - taught by Jessica Ord, Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Evidence Based Birth Professional. 

Held in my Relaxation Room in the heart of rural Northumberland (Chatton), the Positively Pregnant Hypnobirthing Workshops are easily accessible to anyone in the North East (20 minutes from Alnwick, 20 minutes from Berwick Upon Tweed). Because the in person workshop is held over 1 full day, rather than small sessions spread across many weeks, it means that the workshop is perfect for anyone living between Newcastle Upon Tyne and Scotland. It also means that you aren't 'drip fed' the information you need to know to have a positive birth experience, you learn everything during this one informal, fun and educational day - many people even make a trip of their day and enjoy the stunning countryside and local pubs during the lunch break. 

One of the things which I love so much about teaching the course is the coming together of the birthing woman and her birth partner; many fathers especially come along a little dubious to start with, and as the day progresses I can see them feel more and more in tune with their partner and confident about what is to come and the important role they will play. This, teamed with understanding that you have choices, and how to make those choices, lets couples leave the day feeling truly calm and empowered. 






The best time to attend a workshop is between 20 and 30 weeks - so a big window! If you're feeling nervous, overwhelmed or anxious - the sooner you come to your workshop, the better, as you'll be able to begin to relax into your pregnancy, make informed decisions, make your birth plan and practice your techniques. 

"Whilst previously I was under the impression the delivery was something I would just have to ‘get through’ to meet our little one, I now feel a lot more confident and informed on how to make his delivery a positive and calm experience."

Image by Derick McKinney

What will you learn?

  • Birth Hormones & how they effect labour

  • Hypnobirthing Techniques  - I teach 5 original and uniquely simple techniques - including Mindfulness, Yoga Breath inspired, Anchoring, deep relaxation and numbing.

  • The physiology of Birth - Stages of labour with OOMPH!  

  • Your Birth Room (and getting there!) - making a perfect birth 'nest' that will help labour to progress smoothly

  • Pain & Fear - how they're linked & how one causes the other

  • Birth Partner - how they can feel confident & an essential part of your baby's birth

  • Physical Anchors - it's not all 'mind power', we'll be taking a look at the physical things you can do to feel instantly Zen during labour

  • Creating a Hypnobirthing routine to ensure you feel relaxed & confident 

  • Focussing on how you want to FEEL in the coming weeks, months & during labour

  • Birth Options & decisions 

  • Creating your Birth Plan

  • Finding evidence, research & reliable information

  • Birth Rights

  • Assertiveness - Let's get you feeling cool & confident when it comes to expressing your wishes & choices around birth

  • Language - how language can be used in a clinical environment & how it may affect the way you act 


"Whilst previously I was under the impression that labour was something I would just have to ‘get through’ to meet our little one, I now feel a lot more confident and informed on how to make his birth a positive and calm experience."

Emma, Berwick Upon Tweed

"Thanks to this course we had such a different experience this time. Birth shouldn't be any other way than this."

Maddy, Northumberland

What's included?

  • 6 hours of contact time with Jessica across the course of 1 day in the Positively Pregnant Relaxation Room (Chatton, Northumberland) 


  • A beautiful physical pack, to help aid your learning, including a class workbook, printed affirmation cards, a 'Hypnobirthing' door hanger, an empowering fridge magnet, pregnancy sample goodies & a bespoke stages of labour bead string to use as an anchor.  ​


  • 10 Original Positively Pregnant Hypnobirthing MP3s for you to listen to throughout your pregnancy and during babies birth (Worth £8)

  • 5 Highly effective Hypnobirthing techniques to help you minimise labour sensations & remain calm and relaxed during pregnancy & birth 

  • A set of digital Affirmations 


  • The Positively Pregnant Digital Bundle (worth £40) - which includes a full write up of the course, sectioned into bitesize chunks, preparation tasks, further research & evidence for you to begin looking into your choices + much more!

  • 1 FREE pass to join our weekly Pregnancy Group - a weekly Zoom meet up for mums to be from Northumberland & the North East. 

  • Access to the Positively POSTNATAL Digital Pack once you're baby is here - includes new techniques, affirmations and MP3s for the postnatal year (worth £10)


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Group Workshop 


In person, Group workshop with no more than 3 couples.

Investment of £170 per couple

Book now with a £45 deposit

Payment Plans available

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Private Workshop 


For just yourself and your birth partner(s) - Doula's or secondary birth partners welcome.


A bespoke workshop, tailored perfectly to your's & your partners personal history and birth preferences or fears. We can work at your own pace, and pay close attention to those areas you'd most like input with.


Please select 'Private' option on checkout. Alternatively drop me a message to schedule a perfect time & date to suit you. 

Investment of £250 per couple

Book now with a £45 deposit

Payment Plans available

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A more bespoke service

Birth Mentor

A complete care package to support you throughout your pregnancy, ensuring you have an informed, caring and personalised preparation for birth

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