Oh hey...!

 Which is more important -

Finding like minded parents who you can become great pals with...

Or honest, relatable antenatal classes which will *actually* make a huge difference to your birth (and a teacher who is down to earth & won't make you do anything cringe!) 

Well - with my in person classes in Northumberland you can now have BOTH!

I'm Jessica, Birth Educator, Hypnobirthing practitioner & Mama to 2 tiny humans. 

Come join one of my multi award winning antenatal hypnobirthing classes in Northumberland to approach your baby's birth feeling strong, inspired and in control. 

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In this completely original, multi award-winning workshop we focus on how you want to FEEL during your pregnancy, babies birth, and during the post partum period. I want you to leave your workshop feeling calm, informed and confident.

Forget sitting in a cold village hall for your antenatal classes - come chill in my cosy, stylish 'Relaxation Room' - nestled in our idyllic farmhouse, in the heart of rural Northumberland (Chatton). The Positively Pregnant Birth Preparation classes are easily accessible to anyone in the North East (20 minutes from Alnwick, 20 minutes from Berwick Upon Tweed). 






The best time to begin your classes is between 20 and 34 weeks. I would recommend aiming to complete your classes by 35 weeks. 


If you're feeling nervous, overwhelmed or anxious - the sooner you begin your classes, the better, as you'll be able to start to relax into your pregnancy, make informed decisions, make your birth plan and practice your techniques. 

Private Workshop 


Investment of £259 per couple

Book now with a 50% deposit


NEW: 'Pay in 3'

You can now choose to split the cost of your classes up into 3 monthy payments of £86.33

For just yourself and your birth partner(s) - Doula's or secondary birth partners welcome.

One slot available per month. 

If your ideal date is not available, please contact Jessica directly.

Group Workshop 


In person, Group workshop with no more than 3 couples.

Investment of £169 per couple

Book now with a 50% deposit.

NEW: 'Pay in 3'


You can now choose to split the cost of your classes up into 3 monthly payments of £56.33

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What will you learn?

  • About your birth Hormones & how they effect labour

  • Hypnobirthing  - I teach 5 original and uniquely simple techniques . These techniques are designed to help you feel calm and in control during labour, and to help you manage the intensity of sensations.

  • The physical side of Birth - Learn about the different stages of labour, what's ACTUALLY happening during a contraction, waters going, pushing - everything you could possibly need to know to feel prepared and confident! 

  • Your Birth Room (and getting there!) - making a perfect birth 'nest' that will help labour to progress smoothly

  • Birth Partner - Forget sitting in the corner feeling like a 'spare part' - your partner will leave the day feeling confident and happy in how they can fully support you & be an essential part of your baby's birth. 

  • Focussing on how you want to FEEL in the coming weeks, months & during labour & thinking about what you can be doing to make that a reality. 

  • Birth Options & decisions - there can be so many different options when it comes to birth and interventions around birth. I'll help you start to look at these options & figure out whats right for YOU.

  •  Common birth fears & how we can avoid them

  • Creating your Birth Plan(s)! We don't purely focus on you're 'plan A' here - we take a look at how you can make a birth plan which covers every eventuality - from water birth to Caesarean birth, we can make any situation a calm, loving and positive one. 

  • Finding evidence, research & reliable information to make your decisions around pregnancy & birth. 

  • Birth Rights - We take a look at these and give you the confidence to take your birth experience into your own hands. 

  • The 'fourth trimester' - those first few hours, days and weeks - and how to make them as stress free as possible! 

Lucy's Story...

""I got to 6cm at home, listening to your tracks on my birth ball! The midwives were super impressed at my breathing through contractions, following all of your methods. I had a very speedy birth, with only a few puffs of gas & air. I felt like Wonder Woman afterwards! I can't thank you enough for giving us the determination to be really clear on the kind of birth we wanted & the confidence to know I was strong enough to do it"

Rebecca's Story...

"I still don't fully have the words for what this birth meant to me, but it was like a gift from the universe to experience such a raw, healthy, primal joy. Labour was so magical...getting into the pool was bliss, and then I had a little panic. The midwife told me to feel for the baby's head. And the whole world went still. I didn't feel any pain at all, just total sublime joy and awe. And then I just held his head and waited, it was like time was suspended & I knew I was about to meet my baby."

What's included?

  • 10 hours of contact time with Jessica across the course of 2 classes in the Positively Pregnant Relaxation Room (Chatton, Northumberland) - Sessions typically run from 10AM - 3pm (with a break for lunch and leg stretches!). Refreshments and snacks provided. 


  • A luxury hospital/ New Mama canvas tote bag filled with pregnancy safe aromatherapy goodies, your class workbook & learning materials & luxury samples 


  • 10 Original Positively Pregnant Hypnobirthing MP3s for you to listen to throughout your pregnancy and during babies birth (Worth £8)

  • A relaxing essential oil temple roller ball, which we will create together in class

  • 5 Highly effective Hypnobirthing techniques to help you minimise labour sensations & remain calm and relaxed during pregnancy & birth 

  • A set of digital Affirmations to save to your phone/ devices. 


  • Free access to The Positively Pregnant Video Course (worth £40) - which includes a full write up of the course, sectioned into bitesize chunks, preparation tasks, further research & evidence for you to begin looking into your choices + much more!

  • Access to the Positively POSTNATAL Digital Bundle once you're baby is here - includes new techniques, affirmations and MP3s for the postnatal year (worth £10)