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Keep calm: 10 amazing benefits of relaxation during pregnancy

Updated: May 10, 2020

Regular relaxation during pregnancy has some pretty profound benefits; the Harvard Medical School undertook research on the impact regular relaxation therapies such as meditation, yoga & calming breathing techniques had on women and their babies.

They found that women who regularly took time out to relax:

1.Had fewer admissions to hospital prior to labour

2.Had a more positive mental state

3. Were more likely to go into labour spontaneously

4. Had fewer postpartum complications

5. Had reduced rates of Postnatal depression

6.Had a decreased risk in pregnancy related disease

7. Had stronger heart muscles

8. Had a more effective and powerful immune system

9.Had better mental clarity in the ability to make decisions

10. Had fewer instances of stress and overwhelm

So why not give it a try! Better sleep, improved physical health - and it just feels great to take time out for yourself to unwind and relax!

If you'd like to join our weekly Pregnancy Relaxation Group head to:

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