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Manifesting your birth - Using the Law of Attraction during Pregnancy

I've always used the Law of Attraction, or the principals of Manifesting in my life; I started in my early 20s when I had the idea that I'd like to work in the film and TV business. I was about to graduate University, and had no idea what came next. Someone said to me "Ok - if you took away, just for the moment, the idea that you would fail - what would you go and do?" ... "Um.. It would be pretty cool to work in TV... but I don't know where I'd start, or what qualifications I need..."

"No. If we take away the HOW's, WHERE'S and WHAT IF'S...if you just trust that you can do it, where do most want to be?"

It's a simple conversation that led to some big dreaming & finding The Law of Attraction. I did go on to get my dream job, working on a big national soap - fresh out of University with no experience. You see, the Law of Attraction is is a principal that suggests that you can attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to is what will come back to you. When you focus on the abundance of good things in your life, you will automatically attract more of that!

WHAT has this got to do with pregnancy and birth I hear you ask? Well, we can absolutely apply these principals to our experiences during this important time in our lives. What we focus on during pregnancy, we have the absolute potential to manifest into reality. Just because you are pregnant, does not mean these universal laws of quantum energy do not apply to you. In fact, I would argue that during pregnancy you are even MORE of a manifesting pro!

So spending our time focussing on the NEGATIVE; worrying about test results, believing that birth is dangerous or is going to go 'wrong', feeling negative about our care providers, not thinking we 'have it in us' to birth our baby...well, that's some pretty unwanted manifesting there.

Instead, applying the Laws of manifesting in a positive way when preparing for birth can be an absolute game changer!

I'm running a FREE 'Manifest your Birth' challenge over on instagram at the moment (starts Friday 8th July 2022) - head over to my INSTAGRAM to be added to the group chat - just send me a DM!

Here are my top 3 tips to start exploring your manifesting game during pregnancy (Other than joining my free challenge!)

  1. Begin each morning by writing out 3 things for which you are grateful! Can be about your pregnancy, or just every day things (like the electricity in your home, you fridge full of food, your partner...) Beginning the day in this way literally changes your vibration & sets you up for good feelings through the day. And where your feelings go, your thoughts and manifesting follows!

  2. Visualise! Allow yourself to dream up your ideal birth and pregnancy! Even if you have NO idea how you'll get there, or if right now it feels so far from where you are. Remember me and my dream TV job - a fresh faced kid with literally NO experience, qualifications or contacts... it took me 1 month to manifest that job, purely through using these principals!

  3. Believe! You've GOT to give this manifesting magic a chance, and you have to know in your heart that good things are coming your way. If you vaguely try it out and then tell yourself "What a load of rubbish, pregnancy is horrible - there's no way I'm having some sublime waterbirth..." well.. guess what - the Universe is like a genie in a lamp, and if you repeatedly give it THAT message... it will reply with "Your wish is my command..."

So - I would LOVE to chat more with you about the in depth principals behind this, and the exact steps you can take to manifest your birth; give me a wave on social media, or reach out over email! I could chat about this all day!

If you'd like to take some inspired action towards a better birth today, see this as your first bit of manifesting... I have a FREE Video Course you can sign up to in the button below; it contains a free 10 minute hypnobirthing video class with me, Jessica, a free hypnobirthing MP3 track, a birth plan template AND a stages of labour handout!

See, you're great at this manifesting stuff already...!

Jessica xx

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