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Positive hospital water birth - first time mum

First time parents Nikki and Andy came along to an in person birth preparation course with me in Northumberland.

Here they share the beautiful water birth of their daughter, born in hospital.

" I wanted to share something about my experience of birthing my baby girl, after myself and my husband completed a hypnobirthing course with Jess and two other pregnant couples in Northumberland.

I gave birth to my daughter just before midnight in a birthing pool at the Birthing Centre based at the RVI, Newcastle.

We took Jess' advice to maintain some flexibility in our birthing plan and we felt empowered knowing we had the information about medical interventions and our options.

My waters broke around 17:15 on a Saturday night and I just remember feeling excited that she was coming! I ran a bath and enjoyed relaxing before any contractions came. I called the Birthing Centre and they asked me to go in.

We arrived around 19:00 and they said they were unsure if what I experienced was my full waters. I felt pretty confident that she was coming, but as I wasn't having any pains at all we decided to go home (15 minute drive) which is when I started to feel some slight cramping. We enjoyed a Thai take away in our garden with friends and I went up to bed to try and rest before what I expected would be a long night.

Little did we know that things would progress so quickly... so much so I was back at the Birthing Centre by 22:00 and my husband was told he didn't have time to collect our second bag from the car, which included some comforts like essential oils and a speaker to play my pre-made birthing playlist. These were the things I thought I would really need to help me through the birth. Turns out I didn't need them at all...

We stuck to our bottom line that I would not deliver on my back if I was unable to use the birthing pool. After some observations I walked into the birthing pool and felt (honestly) a surge of euphoria and instant relief from the contractions, it was unbelievable.

I made my way to a corner of the pool and kneeled on a platform while my husband held my hands. I leaned into the breathing techniques Jess had taught us and that I'd also learned during pregnancy yoga classes and although I felt breathless at times, the techniques just gave me the space to find my rhythm again which really helped me move through the pain.

We'd requested a total hands-off approach and our midwives were so respectful of this. They asked if I wanted gas and air or any pain relief but I felt I could manage it better without any intervention.

Our baby girl was born in the water just before midnight that evening, and it was the most empowering moment to scoop her up out of the water myself and enjoy our first beautiful moment together.

I had a 2nd degree tear, which I wouldn't have even known about, I was so elated - and relieved! And the midwives encouraged skin to skin contact while they prepared for my stitches.

We had a really positive experience birthing our baby girl, I absolutely feel that up-skilling ourselves with all things birth with Jess helped this happen in a human and non-perfect way. Thank you so much, Jess!"


Pregnant and looking for a way to prepare for birth which aligns with YOU, YOUR needs and your vision for birth? Want to feel clued up, confident and ready for birth?

The Positively Pregnant course is a multi award winning birth preparation & hypnobirthing course, expertly designed to ensure you feel fully prepared.

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