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Pregnancy Relaxation Group

Pregnant and living in Northumberland? I've got just the thing for you! A completely FREE Pregnancy group! 


Each fortnight join us either in person or Live Streamed directly to your home for a beautifully nurturing, fun and relaxing hour.


Run by Hypnobirthing specialist and birth educator Jessica Ord, these relaxed sessions are designed to help ease your stresses, teach you practical relaxation techniques and create a supportive pregnancy community.

Located at Jessica's welcoming Farmhouse venue, in Chattton Northumberland. The Farmhouse is within easy reach of Alnwick (20 mins North) and Berwick upon Tweed (20 mins South) and many of the mums in the group journey from the Hexham and and Newcastle areas. 

Northumberland & Online

”These classes are absolutely beautiful - I actually feel like I’ve been on a spa day every week!” - Class of 2021 member

A group of mums to be relax during a pregnancy group in Northumberland

Each class will be slightly different, but we'll always begin by setting our intensions for the class, the coming week and even your pregnancy/ birth if you'd like! There'll be a 'sharing circle' - a safe space where you can offload anything that's been bothering you, share anything wonderful that's happened that week or just have a rant/ cry if you need! 

Jessica will then explore a method/ technique to incorporate relaxation into your daily life or teach you a handy relaxation technique for labour. This could be something such as a breathing technique, or it could be something such as aromatherapy, acupressure or mindfulness! 

Occasionally an 'outside expert' may join the group to share their relaxation methods (such as a yoga teacher) but this will be on an ad hoc basis, and only if they group wants to! 

The group will always end with a lovely guided relaxation or meditation led by Jessica. 

Come join us, either in person or Online via live streamed Zoom link (private network - only people signed up for the class can view and join in!) to meet one of the nicest group of women you could wish to, who are all pregnant at the same time as you - as well as learning handy relaxation techniques and leaving each session feeling lighter, more positive and rested. 

Two Mums to be laugh during a Pregnancy group in northumberland
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