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Thank you for signing up to the Positively Pregnant FREE Video Class!


I'm so grateful to have you here; I'm Jessica - birth educator and hypnobirthing specialist. I'm so happy to share with you this video class all about birth hormones - a really interesting and important part of birth to understand before you have your baby. When I first learned about how our hormones can make labour less painful, smoother, safer and (dare I say it...) easier - my mind was blown!


I hope you find it just as interesting! 

The full online course is a series of 10 pre recorded classes, just like this one, which combine together with 13 written chapters to leave you feeling totally ready for your baby's birth.  I was absolutely thrilled that the course won 'Best Online Antenatal Course - England' this year! You have an exclusive discount code below for 10% off - should you wish to embark on the full online hypnobirthing course! 

So dive in; I hope you love you class - and should you wish to expand your birth preparation with me, I have a few different options you can check out through the button below. 

Your Video Class

This video class is all about birth hormones; the hormones which are rushing about your body in the lead up to, during and after birth.


As well as birth hormones I'll be exploring the ways in which our minds can trip us up when it comes to experiencing more intense pain during labour! 

I chose this as your free class, as I truly believe understanding these hormones is key to beginning to understand how to make labour safer, easier, less painful and more enjoyable for both you & baby! 

If you enjoyed this class, and feel learning more about your body, how it works & how you can help it do it's thing in labour - you have an exclusive discount to take advantage of below! 


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