What to pack in your hospital bag

Make that bagS...! I know this is going to sound excessive but I genuinely advise clients to pack at LEAST 3 bags if they are planning a hospital or Midwifery led unit birth! There's so much conflicting advice out there, so if you're getting yourself in a tizz about what you REALLY need - read on!

OK, so the first bag you're going to want to pack is your LABOUR BAG. By which I mean a bag of stuff you might want with you during your babies birth. This might not contain much for some people, but for others - especially if you've done Hypnobirthing, there might be a few more bits. Here are my suggestions. I've put in bold things which I consider 'essentials' !

  • Maternity Notes/ File

  • Your birth plan (x3 One for your file, one for Dad's back pocket, and a spare!)

  • Phone charger

  • Headphones

  • Flip flops - the bathroom can get pretty wet & slippy if you've used the shower or pool.

  • Bikini - even if you don't use the pool, the shower can be a godsend for relief!

  • Birth ball and pump

  • Wheat bag/ hot water bottle

  • TENS machine if using

  • Affirmations

  • Nice smell/ Aromatherapy & diffuser if needed

  • Massage oil

  • Eye mask

  • Soft towel x 2 for baby as soon as born

  • Pillows

  • Blanket to remind you of home

  • 2x towels for you

  • DIGITAL, make sure everything is downloaded and will be available offline! - Music, Affirmations, MP3s, Oxytocin inducing pictures, visulisations, techniques

Bag number 2...!

Your snack bag. This is pretty personal, so I'm not going to tell you what food you should be taking. Take LOTS. More than you think you need, plus a bit more. Food you love, which is easy to unwrap and eat. Fresh berries, nuts, dried fruit & flapjack are great energy food. Sugary drinks are a must for keeping energy up & getting a quick hit. Avoid sweets which require fiddly and time consuming unwrapping each time (ie chewits).

Bag 3 - Baby's bag

Ideally leave this one in the car until baby is born - you don't want your room/ ward cluttered up with bags and belongings. Once babe is born, pack your labour bag up (birth partner..!)

  • Warm hat to pop on babies head (This could go in your labour bag, along with a sleepsuit, if you prefer)

  • 4 sleepsuits (may sound excessive, but pack more incase of poonamis or longer stays)

  • 4 vests

  • 1 set of scratch mittens

  • A pack of nappies (At least 14)

  • Babies blanket - if you sleep with said blanket for a week or so, it will have your comforting smell on it, which can help sooth baby

  • Going home outfit

  • Teddy - same as blanket, sleeping with a teddy and placing it with baby if you are unable to hold can be hugely comforting

  • If you're formula feeding make sure you have everything packed in this bag.

Finally...!! Your 'Apres birth' bag - all the gear you might want to help you feel more human, and perhaps even rather lovely after your baby is born.